Blue and Gold Models

The home of outstanding quality resin castings of the Victorian Railways in the "Blue and Gold" era.

VR F243a and F243b Buffer Stops

Now available are the F243a (circa 1930) and F243b (circa 1943) buffer stops used on the VR rail network for many years. These highly detailed models come in 2 style and in 2 sizes, with bolt and spike detail front and back.

2 pc / $10.00  HO (1/87.1)

1 pc / $15.00  O (1/48)                                                    2/10/22

The first of my HO platform edging is on the printer as we speak. Drawing # F574 Goods Platform. The kit will contain enough edging for a 30' extension with 2 sides and 2 ends.

This modular edging can be extended by 20' or 40' with a 4 part pack consisting of 2 transition sections and 210' or 30' sections.

$25.00 for the 30' Extension Kit

$15.00 for the 10' add on kit

$25.00 for the 40' add on kit


HO Scale concrete stumps for my upcoming 30' Goods Shed Extension kit. 

Will also be available in O scale. 

Price TBA


Detail of the bolts on top of the concrete stump casting in HO Scale.

Window inserts for my VR Portable Kit. 

Will be added into all future kits.


Special request by Clinton to bring back my 22' Opening Bridge kit. 

24' high concrete pier is done, the rest is progressing nicely.