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The home of outstanding quality resin castings of the Victorian Railways in the "Blue and Gold" era.


I bought myself an early Christmas present.

I've joined the growing trend of 3D resin printing. Finally.

Been experimenting with different software for designing and slicing for a couple of weeks now and have been getting some good results.

See my 3d prints "3D PRINTS" page for details.


30', 50', 70' AND 90' GOODS SHEDS.

After a recent trip to Whitfield to celebrate my Brother in law and my birthdays (end of Nov '17), having traveled past Mansfield's 90' Goods Shed twice reminded me of how many times that I have been asked about the 70' and 90' sheds and I thought why not.

Having most of the day off after getting home from that trip, I started on the masters for the new models. Several failed attempts and many hours later, I had the 90' wall done. The following day after work I started on the 70' wall, this only took 2 attempts and a couple of hours to finish.

The picture shows the 3 door 70' and the 4 door 90' masters (grey) and the first castings (cream) of the new models.

These models won't have the bump boards molded on them but will have enough styrene supplied to model bump boards and supports along both side walls to your own liking. 

New versions of this kit will include all new ends and sides. The door ends of the 50', 70' and 90' shed will have 2 styles of door, the standard plain door and the other with a fanlight above the door. In addition to this will be the option of a window to the side of the door. These 4 combinations will come in left and right hand versions making 8 different end styles to choose from. The door ends will be supplied as a separate item included in the price at time of purchase. 

Expected Prices

30' Shed $35.00:

50' Shed $50.00

70' Shed $65.00

90' Shed $80.00

These models have been delayed due to the fact that I have finally moved in to my own house and will finally be able to set things up the way I want them.

Watch this space for a release date as my first exhibition for 2020 is either Kyneton in March or Diamond Creek at Easter.